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With professionalism and dignity, DHW Forest Consulting, LLC provides landowners with the knowledge and tools to enhance their properties, increase the value of timber, produce a more sustainable and safe timber harvest, promote wildlife habitat, foster recreational activities and establish solutions to protect your legacy. 

Timber Sale Management
Forest Management Plans
Forest Tax Savings
Boundary Line & Trespass Appraisal

N.Y.S Forest Tax Law

Do you own 50 acres or more of forested land? Then you could be eligible to receive a significant tax reduction through 480-a Forest Tax law. Please see the link below for more details about the program. We can help get you enrolled.

Pennsylvania Clean and Green

Do you own 10 acres or more of forested land?Then you can be eligible to receive a significant tax break. Please see the link below for more details about the program. We can help you get enrolled.

Ever wonder if your neighbor is encroaching on your property?

Are there new posted signs in places you've never seen before?

Are you certain that your neighbor isn't cutting your timber?

If you have any reasonable doubt, then you should have your boundary lines professionally identified and marked. We can help you maintain your perimeter and inspect for timber theft. 

Give yourself a peace of mind. We're here to help.

Whatever the objectives may be, whether to generate income, increase productivity, uphold a family legacy, conduct agroforestry or all of the above, then a Forest Management Plan will help you achieve these goals. 

A plan will include:

  • Forest inventory data and stand delineation

  • Professional maps

  • Scientific prescriptions to yield desired results

  • A comprehensive written presentation 

  • Detailed forest analysis

  • Soil classification

  • Financial projections


All of the above tailored specifically for you

There are many variables that go into a timber sale, so hiring a Consulting Forester will put your mind at ease. 


  • Boundary line maintenance

  • Timber appraisals

  • Mark every tree to be harvested

  • Implement timber stand improvements

  • Contact buyers to get you the best price

  • Contract execution

  • Oversee every phase of the sale from beginning to end

  • Comply with local and state ordinances

  • Identify rare and endangered species

  • Mitigate soil erosion and water sedimentation

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